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cj Wenzhou Chuangjia Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is located in Qianku Industrial Zone, Wenzhou City. The company was founded in July 2000. It is a flexible packaging manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of multi-layer co-extruded functional films. With an investment of 150 million yuan and a production area of ​​22,000 square meters, the company has four seven-layer co-extruded bottom-blown water-cooled units, two seven-layer co-extruded three-foam high-resistance heat-shrinkable shrink film production units, and a 220cm nine-layer co-extruded cast production line. The annual production capacity is 10,000 tons.

Chuangjia Packaging takes “science and technology to create productivity” as the driving force for sustainable development of the enterprise, and continuously increases product research and development. It has established close industry-university-research cooperation alliances with many colleges and universities, experts and scholars at home and abroad to create excellent high-barrier packaging materials Production enterprise group.

development path

2000 Wenzhou Chuangjia Packaging Material Co., Ltd. was established in Wenzhou Longgang Industrial Park. It introduced a five-layer co-extruded bottom-blown water-cooling unit, which mainly produces inner films for pesticide emulsifiable packaging and vacuum packaging bags.

2004 The company introduced two seven-layer co-extruded bottom-blown water-cooled units and began to develop and produce functional stretch films.

2010 Approved as the provincial high-tech enterprise by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department.

In 2011, the company requisitioned 18,000 square meters of land in Qianku Industrial Zone and began to build an international standard production model for packaging samples.

In 2013, the model factory in Qianku Industrial Zone was completed. At the same time, a nine-layer cast production line and W.H nylon heat shrinkable film production line from Corinth, Italy were introduced.

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